Who, you might ask, is Lewy?

The short and sweet answer is that Dr. Lewy and Dr. Alzheimer were working together when Dr. A found the tangles in the brain cells which are characteristic of the symptoms we know of as Alzeheimer's Disease. Dr. Lewy identified a second type of dementia, characterized by structures in the brain cells which are now known as Lewy Bodies. Dementia with Lewy Bodies is a lot like Alzheimers, but symptoms come and go, become more intense and less so, from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. (Can I say minute to minute?) It is the third most common type of dementia.

Not sure where this adventure will take us, but my husband Ranney was diagnosed with DLB (shortcut) this past fall. To most of us it seemed a sudden thing, but looking back, we could identify occurrences that were definite signs that this was coming.

In this blog we will chronicle some of the heartbreaks and humor that come up when living with DLB. And yes, humor, we laugh, often.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Meals at the facility were nourishing and pretty flavorful. He had choices, but probably forgot what he ordered.

Sometimes I found the entire plate of food from dinner in his bedside cupboard the next day.

One day before I visited him and after some errands I went to Olive Garden for a soup and salad lunch.

And then I had an AHA! moment. I ordered a bowl of soup to go--one of his favorites.

He cleaned his plate--the breadsticks that went with it, too.

After that most visits I would stop at Olive Garden and get him a bowl of soup.

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